Watch Beyonce’s New Video “Formation” – Lyric Breakdown – Chronicles of a Busy Mind

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Life is what you make of it.

Yes, you already know this.

But I’m posting this anyway.






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On Becoming.

Be! Live! Love! Laugh! Yes!!

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You Sir Have Nothing To Prove

Why try so hard to convince others you’re something you’re not ? In the long run, it will ruin you!
..Dear Sir, you have nothing to prove to no one but yourself.


A real man is able to take his woman around the world at a drop of a hat”

A real man is able to pay my bills and give me the good things of life”

“Darling! everyone knows a real man is at least 4-5 inches default”

A real man is employed”

“A real man does not cry”

These messages (and more like it) shape the mind of the sincere (howbeit naive) male and thus begins his quest to become a “real man”. and then years later, he wonders why he is so stressed, restless and often depressed.

Before I passed out last night, a 2 line poem wafted into my mind and it goes thus:


Dear reader I have come to the conclusion that the typical male is under pressure. A lot of pressure. Pressure to meet standards that the society has determined he must meet to…

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Chin up, Love.


Sometimes, it will feel like you’re wasting your time.

Like, nothing you do will ever be good anough.

You’ll feel stagnant. Hurt. depressed. .and then certain traits will begin to manifest. sarcasm. anger. indifference. envy.

Hey. Dont be so quick to give up. 

Trust God. 
His timing is somethong you may never understand. Just trust Him.


In the end, all that really matters is how you see yourself. Not how the world sees you. Or what they think of you.

Love yourself like your life depends on it because it does. 💘💘


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You Are.


Nobody is perfect.

As a girl you want all the attention. Or most of it.

You want to be told you’re beautiful.

You want all the guys to drool when you walk past em.

You want everyone to need you.


As a guy you want to be respected. Amongst peers and all the girls, you want to be recognized.

You want to be rich. Fast cars, incredible houses you want to have it all; a beautiful woman, other women too you want them all.

Power. Fame. You want your own version of 6 packs.


You build your happiness around this so much that it depresses you when the situation is otherwise.

Why?  You can’t have it all.


Don’t let your happiness be built around people’s opinion of you.

Focus on the things that matter; God. Family. Your well being. Your spirituality. A comfortable future. Love-Undiluted love. Care. Goodwill;no matter how much it is unappreciated or how much your efforts are frustrated. 


Don’t get carried away yet build a world that makes it okay to have a flat nose. 


A world that make it okay to be dark skinned. A world where an overly obese person is the most beautiful.

A world where a size XXXL is the sexiest of em all.


A world where you can have a Nokia 3310 and own it!

Acknowledge how you are and accept it.
Love it.

Build your world. However it works for you, paint it. White picket fences, alleys and mansions, build.


Build but don’t get carried away.

Nobody is perfect, yessssssss, but you’re not nobody. You’re you.


You’re perfect.

How I know? Well, last time I checked, you are God’s creation. ☺


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Just do it.


..Do you ever wonder what your purpose in life is?
That one thing that when you wake up and think about, theres a smile on your face?
That feeling of responsibility, the activity you derive undiluted joy from?
I’m not referring to the first few years of parenting.


As a child, Jacy loved school. Ohh how she looked forward to it. Her teachers were nice, her school had lots of fun toys and she loved the noise that came with school.

She looked forward to school.  Everyday the excitement felt brand new. Fresh. Made her happy.

But then Jacy graduated and got a job.

What is your purpose in life ?

If what you wake up to every day gives you a sense of joy and fulfilment,  then by all means, please keep at it.

Otherwise? You need to take time off and think. You did not come to this world to exist and then die. (Unless you’re immortal? )

My point is, discover what makes you happy.  then just do it.


It doesn’t have to be what the society classifies as right.

It may seem like it will fail before you even start.

It most definately should NOT be to impress people.

There may be lots of criticism and doubt.

DO IT ANYWAY. Give life a chance.


The biggest risk in life is to never take a risk.

Like mum will always say, don’t forget to pray about it. With a little patience and lots of trust, God will lead you the right way. 😘

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The Verb?



The plan was to stop crying.

The plan was to stop feeling sad.

To avoid being alone.

Insignificant . Yes that’s the word. The plan was to make this feeling not linger.

Epic fail.

She still cries now and then.

Things have been great. Awesome really. New job. Promotions. Billboard display that was a childhood dream. Climaxes. Hot FWB..yet she still cried now and then.

God the feeling is overwhelming. It drives her to her knees. leaves her uncontrollably shaky.

The reason? Same question she asks.

The solution? She wishes she could figure.

It’s not money. Or what to do because she gets bored of everything over time. And everyone? Naa Jacy, You just tend to not be able to keep friends. 

Maybe she should get back with God?

But she never felt like she really left.


Oh Well.

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Do not fall in love.


But don’t fall in love.

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Hi. this feels weird. Feels like the “new-student-in-a-class-of-cocky-assholes” kind of felling.

oh well.

Life has taken a new turn for me..; 24 hours in a day is barely enough these days.

In my head, ive written loads of stories and stuff. over and over. with amazing feedback and awards and shii.

oh well.

I’ll just post this as a way of “clearing the cobwebs”. Damn its be years since i logged on here.

Now im back yo!. Feels good; I missed this!! ^ ^

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